Folklore Ensemble    







The dancegroup brings to you new creations of their own dances, which are based on traditional passes and figures that bring alive the rich, Flemish folklore.


On stage Gelmel always brings to the audience a quality programme, with an eye for detail, costumes, variation and often a bit of humour.


Dances, songs and music are the ingredients of a unique programme that appeals to a large audience.














Despite the fact that Gelmel consists of a group of amateurs, their intensive, weekly Monday evening rehearsals, which are only interrupted during summer holidays, result in programmes being performed in a professional way, both on and off stage.


During the rehearsals, the dancers, (enthusiastic performers between 16 and 40 years of age), work hard to master the extensive repertoire.









Folklore Ensemble Gelmel has experience in different disciplines. The Group can bring you a full evening programme with dancing, singing, music and flag waving.


Each of these disciplines can be booked separately both for small and large performances.







Folklore Ensemble Gelmel vzw
Borgeindstraat 245
B 2900 Schoten


Phone: +32 (0)495/80 72 38